Just for Patients

Getting Started

Before starting any orthodontic treatment, it is important to fully assess how we can best meet your orthodontic needs. We do this by the following three visits:

The New Patient Exam

On your first visit we will carefully evaluate your orthodontic needs and answer any questions you may have such as: 1) whether treatment is indicated, 2) what treatment is recommended, and 3) when it is best to start. We can also outline the approximate length and cost of treatment. There is no charge for this exam.

Diagnostic Records

If treatment is indicated and desired, we will take records to enable us to more thoroughly study the problems and determine a detailed plan of treatment. Our records include facial and intraoral photographs, panoramic and cephalometric X-rays, as well as impressions for orthodontic study models. The fee for these records and the diagnostic evaluation is $280, and is due at this appointment. To save time and a second trip, as well as expediting treatment, we may be able to take records on the day of the exam if you wish.

Case Presentation

At this appointment, we will discuss your specific orthodontic evaluation, the proposed treatment plan, and what the patient needs to know and do in this specific treatment plan to achieve the most healthy, stable dentition, balanced functional bite, and pleasing facial harmony and smile. We will also work with you to determine a payment plan that fits your needs. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and payment arrangements as you get started on the path towards perfecting your smile!