Before and After Photo Gallery

Before and After Photo Gallery

Before and After Photo Gallery

Orthodontic treatment can truly transform smiles and people's lives. Our staff treats mild to severe cases on a daily basis.

These are some examples of orthodontic problems we can correct.

Severe Class II Malocclusion

A Herbst appliance can help braces correct a class II severe overbite or overjet in a growing child without removing teeth or undergoing jaw surgery. Note how the chin advanced.
Nathan Before
Nathan After

Severe Class III Malocclusion

An anterior crossbite, often referred to as an underbite, renders the front teeth nonfunctional. In this case jaw surgery was needed in conjunction with braces to achieve an optimally functioning bite and a pleasing profile.
Kellie Before
Kellie After

Posterior Crossbite

A palatal expansion appliance can change a narrow, tapered arch form to a broader, ovoid-shaped arch. Note how it broadened her smile.
Britney Before
Britney After

Open Bite

A severe open bite renders the front teeth non-functional in tearing off food. It can be closed with the help of a tongue thrust habit breaker alone in some cases. In this case, braces, headgear, extractions, transpalatal archwires, and a palatal expander were also used.
Kenny Before
Kenny After


Although most cases can be treated without removing any permanent teeth, some cases like this are so crowded that they require the removal of teeth in order to obtain an aesthetic, functional and stable bite.
Jennifer Before
Jennifer After

Excess Space

Missing upper laterals can leave unsightly spaces, which can be closed with braces. In this case the canines were built up with composite resin to resemble lateral incisors.
Curtis Before
Curtis After

These photos are all actual patients of Dr. Kendall J. Barrowes. Treatment options and results obtained vary from case to case.